Monday, November 20, 2006

Story: The Seventh Commandment, Revisited

As more people became Christians, the Christian God became increasingly unhappy with how His flock interpreted His published work. Many believers read the Bible over and over, but continued to break His commandments. The Seventh Commandment had the gravest problems.

When He first worked on it, God thought it just right: Thou Shalt Not Kill. No qualifications, no room to interpret. Yet politicians who led prayer breakfasts to Him in the morning declared war in the afternoon. Something was wrong. Maybe the phrasing.
God tried rewrites.

Thou Shalt Not Kill But In Self-Defence. But there was no excuse for killing.

Thou Shalt Not Kill But If Thou Art A World Leader. But then the killing would never stop.

Thou Shalt Not Kill Unless I Say You Can. But too many already claimed to talk with Him.

No, the wording was not the problem: the problem was His flawed creations. The flaw was hopeless. He would have to start all over again. Which meant killing all His human creations, which He did, not without some pleasure.

Victor Schwartzman

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