Monday, December 11, 2006

Story: Pot Luck

A group of elephants, thinking themselves wisest of all the beasts, decided to form a society. They needed a leader, and rather than decide on one themselves, they asked the Wise Old Elephant what to do. She wondered why they could not make their own decision, and to make them think, asked why they could not create their own leader. They did not understand her question, and instead created a King.

He was not a very good King but they followed his orders. Their society suffered but they thought that was just their fate. Eventually, their King died. They had gotten used to someone making their decisions for them, but the King had no children to pass on his Kingosity, so once again the Elephants decided to seek the advice of the Wise Old Elephant.

Frustrated that they had learned nothing, the Wise Old Elephant told them that they should choose a King who would not die. The elephants cheered, for that was exactly the advice they wanted to hear, and they wanted to be told what to do. The Wise Old Elephant then suggested they choose Death as their King. After all, Death was the only being who could not die.

The elephants eagerly followed her advice. But Death, after becoming their King, claimed them as his subjects. As they died, they asked the Wise Old Elephant why she had given them such bad advice.

She replied, because they were willing to follow it.

Victor Schwartzman


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Victor Schwartzman said...

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Victor Schwartzman said...

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