Monday, January 29, 2007

Story: You Can Change

On January 2, Janet put her New Year’s resolution into effect at work. The resolution was made after she saw her manager stiffen as she had described her concerns about a rule he had just implemented. Thinking about it, she had an epiphany: something in her manner had put him off. She knew what to do.

On March 4, none of Janet’s colleagues supported her ideas during a meeting, even though they were much better ideas. Thinking about it afterwards, Janet had an epiphany: she had not talked up each colleague before the meeting. She knew what to do.

On May 6, Janet lost a promotion to another colleague, even though she knew her work was superior. That evening, going over her employment history, Janet had an epiphany: she realized that she never went out to lunch with any of her colleagues, socializing. She knew what to do.

On July 8, Janet

Later that night, looking at a full moon, Janet

When Janet looked into a mirror, she saw someone else.

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