Saturday, March 31, 2007

Poem by Rob Plath: 140 Over 95

Rob Plath contacted me on My Space, and sent me this poem. He's agreed to let me post it here. I'm still not sure how My Space works, but he has a pretty cool site there. Check it out, and the poem below:

dear victor,

i wrote his a while ago but it is my rebellious and perhaps stupid stand against doctors and medicine. thought you might get a kick out of it. i haven’t had it checked since then! i've been writing 5-8 poems a day recently. maybe i'm days, weeks , months away from being on the other side of the dirt! oh well. Schopenhauer said life is a mistake anyway...take care! hope you're feeling well! i feel fine but may not be!


140 Over 95

The universe
was once hot
and young

I read in a science
book the other

it has grown a lot
colder, it said

one day it will

be reduced to a field
of frozen radiation
never to return

my blood pressure is
borderline, the doctor said
at my latest visit

LOW sodium, she said
NO alcohol
not ONE more cigar
DECAF coffee

then she suggested
blood work
an EKG
even though I had
no health insurance

of course I rejected
the tests

I imagined some modern
day witch in a lab
hovering over the centrifuge
as it separated my blood
the lab casting a spell
over me

trying to get me to
be a paranoid patient
a fucking scared little rabbit
hypochondriac nut

at least come back for a reading
next month, she said

after I left
I went home to
my subterranean apartment
stood in my tiny kitchen
in the dying universe
and boiled turkish coffee
lit a fat cigar
and poured a glass
of wine

and sat on
my ass
in the cloud of smoke
shielded from their

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