Monday, April 23, 2007

Poem: Here's a funny story about Godzilla

Godzilla, that cheesy monster movie

was Americanized from Gojira.

The original’s director, Ishiro Honda

traveled through Hiroshima

as a returning Japanese soldier

saw the devastation of nuclear war

and decided to make a film

about the horror of atomic bombing.

The A-Bomb’s fire storm

became Godzilla’s deadly radioactive breath

Hiroshima being flattened by a nuke

became Tokyo after Godzilla stomped it.

The first boat Godzilla destroys

was based on the Lucky Seven

a tuna boat too close to the first H Bomb test

(Americans in the area were warned

but Japanese were not so…lucky.)

The boat’s radio operator got sick

American doctors would not help

his agonizing death took a year.

He was the first victim of the H Bomb.

Japanese audiences watching Gojira

saw a nuclear allegory about America,

Americans watching Godzilla

saw Japanese killed by a monster.

Talk about your culture clash.

Isn’t that funny?

Why aren’t the Japanese laughing?

Victor Schwartzman

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