Friday, April 27, 2007

Poem: This one's for the generation who grew up watching tv

Television has made me what I am today

I always talked sarcastically
especially to my friends and parents
problems were resolved in an hour
sometimes half an hour
people were always cured at the last minute
someone you did not like very much dies
between pauses to sell products

When dad got cancer
and I sat for hours by his bed
I felt betrayed by my culture
no breaks, no jokes, no easy outs
he even got fat and ugly
it sounds terrible to say it,
but it was no North American way to go

A misanthrope is an optimist who has met people
dad taught me in death to distrust life
I bought a flat screen tv and a couch to recover
now every night again requires no commitment
every day that is how I live my life
alone in this world, we dream of another
beyond our grasp, but kept in our sight

Victor Schwartzman

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