Monday, August 20, 2007

Several Poems

Wondering what I've been up to? Here are some poems. There will be more Hypertension stuff coming up soon!

Life Partners


I wasn’t looking forward to the meeting

the worker was a pain in the ass

we bend over backwards to help him

all he does is file grievances

three more years to retirement

it’s like leaves falling in autumn

I waste a lot of time raking up

what he leaves on me

I wasn’t looking forward to the meeting

the manager is a pain in the ass

I’ve bent over backwards to avoid problems

all he does is ignore me

I dream of freedom

It’s like showers falling in spring

I waste a lot of time mopping up

what he showers on me


Lived with that woman thirty years

every hour of which she had a job for me

she never talks until I start something

always having to get her way

always having to be right

she’s not like me

me, why I’m Mr. Easy

I love her if this is what love is

Lived with that man thirty years

he sat on the couch most of them

always waiting for me to talk

without me he’d have nothing to do

there’s a right way to do things

he’s not like me

me, why I’m Ms. Easy

I love him, if this is what love is


My parents started driving me crazy

and never stopped

nineteen years until I moved

nothing ever good enough

I know they love me and all but

all I heard was the crap

they never left me alone

with their purse or wallet

Our daughter started driving us crazy

when Fran was pregnant with her, actually

she’s moved out twice, both times painful

her boyfriend has his hands full

that’s what she needs to mature

we know she loves us and remembers

all the good times we gave her

(and, we have always been careful with money)

Victor Schwartzman

The Meaning of Life

In the beginning

the plot of dirt

was under an ocean

the ocean dried

dinosaurs left their footprints

people walked into those steps

a hut was built

then a city

a house rose on the dirt

the woman born in the house

loved her back yard garden

nurtured the flowers

until she could no longer

lift the watering can

she left the dirt. The new owner

built a large sandbox in the back yard

each morning with a rake

he sculpted a design in the sand

some designs looked like flowers

Victor Schwartzman

The Mind of an 16 year old

The mind of an 16 year old

can I remember

that far back

when there were

more dreams than realities

more goals than results

the world was about me

it was better that way

Victor Schwartzman

Hey pal, the bar is closing

Hey pal, does this sound familiar

work all day, eat and

sleep the rest away

with hobbies and cleaning

but mostly working

support my children

support my stuff

I use up my time

all to help the hive

we come and leave

I’ll be remembered or forgotten

matters not a snowflake

Hey pal, the bar is closing

I heard the last call

this final drink burns

been good talking with you

it’s dark outside but I’m not afraid

the air I breathe is killing me

why worry about people or accidents

about what I was born into

about what I helped create

can’t do nothing about anything

sometimes I dream

of driving and never looking back

Victor Schwartzman

Three Views of an Alcoholic

I don’t drink that much

I’m okay if I don’t start before noon

otherwise the day is gone

sometimes I slur words

I feel normal until I stand

then the world spins

there is so much I could do

I don’t want to do any of it

Our son is a drunk

where did we go wrong

he was always a happy child

seemed on track through school

but then he dropped out

drifting through life

eyes always bloodshot

we failed him

Dad’s pissed most of the time

I tried talking, yelling, crying

but when he looked at me

he only saw a roadblock

between him and the bottle

he doesn’t fool me with the Visine or mouthwash

I need my father, where is he?

Victor Schwartzman

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