Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Two poems related by email

Subject line not enough for this email

I have to enter a body

before I am allowed

to send an email

a subject line is not enough

I have to enter a body

but entering a body

is not to be taken lightly

whose body do I have to enter

is it the body of an internet employee

does she or he get a bonus

the things you do for work

now I have performance anxiety

Victor Schwartzman


Email to Cousin Lew

Hey Lew, thanks for the jokes


all the same up here, pretty much

mom probably had more t.i.a.s

mini strokes, they call them

she was not answering questions yesterday

staring into I don’t know what

her own world, her new world

dropped by her place today

just to see again, to know

she was not surprised when

I walked into her nursing home room

though I said nothing about coming

it was like, oh you’re here, that’s nice

she's very quiet

never reads, doesn’t even watch much tv

sleeps a lot

could be worse

she's still here

not in any pain


Victor Schwartzman


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