Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Poems to keep ya involved

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything new. There is a reason for this, and I expect in a few weeks to be writing more about Hypertension and my medicalized life.

But in the meantime, just to be active (or something!) here is some of the latest poetry I've been working on. Warning: some of it's kinda grim. But, to be positive, writing it sure helped ME feel better! Hope I haven't gone Weldon Kees on ya!!

He wanted a taste

He stood outside

on a very cold day

steamy breath

smoking air

searched for cigarette butts

in the building entrance ashtray

parka several times patched

eyes hopeful for treasure

he picked out the good butts

checked each carefully

put it in a bag if it measured up

cancer sticks we call them

searching through garbage for poison

until he found enough

the taste of the life

mostly smoked cancer sticks

back in his room

hearing the shared toilet flush

he placed a plastic bag over his head

the one he put the butts in

one by one he lit them

enjoyed the taste, a taste

the bag held in

better to enjoy, a last puff

then he put the butt down

grasped the plastic tight around his neck

and waited for life to finally be done

Victor Schwartzman

See me no more

As his mom wakes her eyes brighten

she sees him now

standing by her nursing home bed

she is so happy to see him

he does not want to see her

he wishes she was still asleep

she loves him, he loves her

love makes it worse

when he sees her blank eyes

or when he sees she knows

what she has lost

fleeting memories of what she had been

he answers her same questions

works at chatting

pushes her wheelchair

hoping it will soon be over

wishing it was him instead

knowing it will be

Victor Schwartzman

Why are we alone

ever struggled

wondered how

your friends

become smoke


burning fire

drives smoke away

ever fought the good fight

you v. the world

principle v. reality

the loneliness

cripples your heart

friends avoid you

you deny them

why desert you

in your need

they do not want your pain

they can not help anyway

and when you feel better

you will come around

friends exist to betray you

Victor Schwartzman

Bob Solves Living in Fear

Bob lived in fear

fear of home invasions

fear of muggers

no violence in his life

but tv was full of it

Bob bought a gun

Bob watched the news

the Virginia Tech Massacre

shootings everywhere

his outside was sunny

his tv darkness was spreading

Bob looked at the gun

Bob was afraid most at work

fear of clients

meeting the public

he was paid to serve

nothing ever happened but

Bob loaded the gun

Bob held the gun

shiny heavy black metal

everyone wanted him afraid

everyone on tv

Bob pointed the gun

Bob shot the tv

Victor Schwartzman

Love: boon or pain in the ass?

we love rules as much as fences

love has two basic rules:

your partner is always right

forgive your partner’s mistakes

people have died trying to figure it out

love is

waiting for your partner to be ready

though your partner rushed you

phoning mom

when she can‘t remember how to answer the phone

love is thinking of the other person first

when the other person doesn’t remember you

love is putting your needs on the back burner

while you’re in the deep fat fryer

love is understanding
what can’t

or won’t

be done for you

love: boon or pain in the ass

Victor Schwartzman

Forgetting what is important

Every day he phones

mom in the nursing home

10 am - 10:30 am

most days she forgets

did he call yesterday?


why, he hasn’t called in a week

she tells cousins to phone him

asking if something is wrong

he phones every day

because he loves her

wants to hear her voice

feels guilty he doesn’t see her enough

and she forgets

Victor Schwartzman

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George Eraclides said...

Hi Victor,

Hope you are well - managing the old hypertension. I liked your pomes – the pissedofedness at life comes thru well.

My PB has gone up a bit after being under control, which is disappointing. Maybe the alcohol – not sure; I have reduced it by a third and I even have a few dry days – but not ready to give it up. I am finishing a writing diploma this year (off-campus) and hope to market a crime novel soon. I also write pomes, but have not written much in recent years – I can write pomes more easily when I have an attack of the black dog and imbibe fire water – rarer these days than it used to be.

I moved to a new position – copyright compliance at a college – which I want to leave in a year or two and concentrate on writing before I am too old to hold a pen or a mouse.