Thursday, January 18, 2007

Story: The Lawyer Who Loved Money

Melvin loved money. A successful commercial attorney, at first he enjoyed making the money he made from law suits into suits. He would stare at himself in the mirror, dressed in a nice three piece made of twenties, and feel a thrill. In time, he grew to love money so much that he ate it. He preferred hundreds, nicely washed with a taste of Caesar dressing.

His unusual dietary habits actually attracted clients. They figured anyone that hungry for money was their kind of lawyer. Sadly, it was doomed. He could not keep himself from eating, and as it grew worse he began dining on withdrawals from his clients’ accounts. He kept putting off his clients, giving them table scraps, but one day several of their new lawyers turned up angrily at his office. Melvin shoved thousands of dollars into his mouth in front of them until he turned green and paper thin and anti-counterfeiting measures appeared across his face and then Melvin was lying on the floor, brittle and wrinkled.

The other attorneys looked at Melvin a long time, then took him to the park and had a lovely and delicious picnic.

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