Thursday, January 18, 2007

Story: The Politician Who Got Smarter

When Charly Humble was elected to Parliament, his IQ was 134. After eight years in office it dropped to 129. When he was elected Prime Minister, it sank to 98.6.

But then a terrorist blew up a building. Charly toured the wreckage, made a speech and looked strong. His approval ratings shot up, and something remarkable happened: the higher his approval ratings climbed, the smarter Charly became. His IQ was 98.6 on the day of the bombing, but after showing up at the site and looking like a leader, it rose to 115. After speaking on tv about standing up to the terrorists, it rose until he became almost as smart as he had been before he entered public life.

Using his new intelligence, Charly realized the connection between his ratings and increased brainpower. Knowing that if there were only a few more events, he would become a genius, he decided to start a war. It worked--but only at first. The war dragged on until his poll results plummeted, followed of course by a similar sharp drop in Charly’s intelligence. When he became an idiot he did the smart thing and stopped the war.

He eventually retired. An honourary degree stabilized his intelligence, and his public pension was significant.

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