Friday, February 09, 2007

Story: Understanding Sex

There was so much he did not understand about sex.

Why did it have to be so wet? Whether on the bed, couch or floor, there was always a wet spot; sometimes, a puddle. He tried tissues, towels, dehumidifiers. Nothing worked. And it was only worse with someone else.

He did not understand what attracted him to a woman or what attracted women to him. He did not understand why breasts attracted anyone other than hungry babies. And he did not get buttocks at all. He did not understand all the movement, pushing and sweat.

Giving the woman some attention, or something, seemed necessary before having sex, but after the first time, why do it all over again?

Unfortunately, all his questions remained unanswered as he never had sex with anyone a second time, except for himself.

Victor Schwartzman

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