Monday, May 14, 2007

Poem: I Pays For My Bad Ways

I was sitting at home, having a smoke
when determined to fix what was not broke
the Authorities barged into my house
and declared me an environmental louse

To start with they towed my beloved SUV
okay, conservation was never important to me
but when they went and took all my plastic
I realized that they were going to be drastic.

They took my tv, because of what I watch
took the drugs, wine, beer and scotch
cleared the fridge of my favourite unhealthy food
and I was forced to agree it was all good.

Now I sit here more dead than alive
nothing to drive in, hell, nowhere to drive
nothing to eat, drink, smoke or watch
I don’t like this new world very much.

I was taught to be selfish, to throw things away
to think of tomorrow and not of today
but there’ll be no tomorrow if I’m hit by a truck
so why worry so much about trees and muck?

Victor Schwartzman

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