Sunday, July 22, 2007

Poem: Lying To Your Grandmother

Lying To Your Grandmother


honey I’m back

get me a beer

it’s left me a wreck

get the kids in here

children today my mom

your dear grandmother

was moved from her home

by me and my brother

and put in a…facility

sorry for tears, it ain’t easy

what I did wasn’t me

it was this guy who was sleazy

to make her happy I lied

you’ll leave two months, maybe three

mom sat and she cried

when I’m old don’t lie to me


The bed is hard

my room mate snores

the food is lard

the nurses whores

I knew it was in the works

when they came that morning

their eyes low, like jerks

moving me with no warning

their little brains think

it’s them it’s about

so I end up in the clink

because they ain’t figured life out

they worry alone I’ll fail

they only love my money

it’s cause I’m cheaper in jail

damn calling me honey


Dad got me freaked

he tried to sell us

such a geek

when he’s zealous

what he and Dave done

getting gram in that place

what is a good son

Dad is a disgrace

oh he’s understood

we should believe the big lie

it’s for your own good

lay down and die

dad cried like never before

then waited unsteady

guess he was thinking up more

lies, but he said plenty already

Victor Schwartzman

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